Finally got to see Slater at Quicksilver Pro France 2011!

I was in Hossegor during the Quicksilver Pro France earlier this month, and had the pleasure of watching some of  world’s the best surfers do their stuff!

My goal, however was to get a photo with Slater.   I got one,  in a sense, only that I’m not posing with him. Instead, I’m chasing him along with all the other paparazzi to get a snapshot.

Slater was great to watch, as were all the other contestants.  Gabriel Medina blew our minds with his incredible airs.

Here are my pics.

trying to get a snapshot of Slater

Hossegor, France
Michel Bourez posing with some kid
me running after Slater to get a photo!
Kelly Slater
Gabriel Medina
Kelly Slater



Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater