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Welcome to my blog. I live in Costa Rica and I love to photograph surfers and beach life. I'm mostly taking photos around the Jaco area. This is beach life. This is the real Pura Vida.





Garbage cans are for garbage.. the beach is for fun.

If you don’t know what a garbage can is for… STAY HOME and live in your own filth.

Every year, after new year’s, the beach becomes littered with trash. Many ticos who come to the beach for their holidays do not respect this place. I must have seen about 10 garbage bags hanging from trees this morning and countless beer bottles strewn across the sand. Many valley ticos have no respect for their fellow country mates who live at the beach, or the wildlife that call this place their home. If Costa Rica wants to be an eco-tourism destination, the first thing that they need to understand is that they must cherish and protect the very thing that drives their economy. I’m an expat but I would never treat this place with such disrespect.
Being how it is though, and knowing that change comes at a snail’s pace here, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to come to Jaco during the christmas holidays. As beautiful as this place may be, every xmas holiday, it is made ugly by people who treat it like garbage. Now that all the valley ticos have left the beach to go back to work today, we, the beach dwellers, are left with their dirty filthy mess. This is just a reminder that we must treat our earth with respect, so that all may enjoy it in the future.

Full Moon




Holiday Sunset In Jaco

IMG_7194_2 IMG_7162 IMG_7169 IMG_7190

Boxing Day Surf Session

IMG_6924IMG_6775IMG_7044IMG_6773IMG_6774IMG_6912IMG_6692IMG_6842IMG_7084IMG_6787IMG_6707 - Version 2IMG_7102IMG_6946IMG_6995IMG_6577IMG_6690IMG_6619IMG_6900

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